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“Nafshi Journal” is a one of a kind, Yiddish, mental health publication. This very popular supplement is the one and only formal Yiddish publication on these critical and essential topics. The Yiddish speaking community has a dearth of information on these vital issues and is thirsty for the information we provide. Our mission is to educate our readers about mental health facts, increase awareness regarding challenges and struggles, and promote resources and support.

We receive phenomenal feedback from our readers, who thank us for giving them the ability to identify problems and find help and healing, enabling them to live a better life. Nafshi is creating a maelstrom of change in our community.


What professionals say:

“Nafshi’s ability to bring information about mental health to the oilam in a professional yet clear way is very impressive!”

Yitzy Horowitz, LCSW

נפשי האט געברענגט א טויש צו די פארשטאנד און בליק אויף מענטל העלט. דאס ברעגט צו הצלת נפשות ממש. אשריכם

PhD דר. שלמה בינעטה

עס איז א געוואלדיגער זכות און א בחינה פון מגלגלין זכות על ידי זכאי, דאס וועט האפנטליך ברענגען דער קול זאל דערהערט ווערן

הרב מרדכי וויינבערגער

“Nafshi Journal offers readers practical insights into mental health and valuable information to help make smarter and more informed decisions.”


David J. Lieberman, PhD

Nafshi is a unique journal that is saving lives by bringing awareness to serious and high risk mental health issues in our community.

Mordechai Jacobs, LCSW

I often refer my clients to read the Nafshi magazine because it offers first-rate mental health education and awareness in line with community sensitivity and heimishe hashkofos. Nafshi plumbs the depths of even the deepest and most difficult topics in mental health and presents those topics in an accessible and appealing manner.

מרת מלכה שפירא

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